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  1. Marianne says:

    I am having a problem with a hacker getting into my site and messing up the page, no matter how many times I change my password so I’d like to verify that there is
    no known exploit in the sliding door theme that might be allowing the hackers access. If there is, is there a way to fix the problem with some kind of block?
    Please email me at the above address, for I doubt I’d find this site again.
    thanks so much.

    • Wayne says:

      It’s nothing to do with the theme. One a hacker is in you need to find out where they got in and then remove their code, it’s hard.

  2. Scott Spicer says:

    Hello Wayne,

    It has taken me almost a hour to find a way to contact you!
    I have registered at your phpbb support site, but I have not received my activation email. It took several hours for the ‘instant’ code to be emailed to me. This is extremely frustrating, because I cannot contact you as an admin on that site, unless I’m logged in, did you know that?! I know these login issues are having to do with the phpbb site, but you need to put SOME kind of contact if you cannot login.
    I apologize for sounding rude, but I am frustrated. I an currently building my new web site using you sliders theme, which looks great, but I have one question to ask, is you theme compatible with the ‘nextgen gallery’ plugin?
    Any help with my question and logging in would be most appreciated! Please respond to my email as well please.



  3. Natalia says:

    Hello Wayne,

    I am using your Sliding Door theme and building by website. Could you please advise me…. I checked your FAQ but I cound’t find answer. I even created sliding door child to play with codes, and still it doesn’t work …
    I have a background (forest), and content background appears black with white border (white between forest background and inner black background.
    1) How can I make my main forest background transparent?
    2) How can I get rid of white borders around my inner content background?
    3) In the inner background (black one) my Title that were back disappeared (how can I change color)?

    Thank you so much.


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