This is awesome!

This camera- you focus it AFTER you take the photo!

So below is the SAME photo – refocused!!!

Technology always surprises me.

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  1. Wayne ………….I need Help setting up a ministry Prophetic Blog like revival-school website you created Andrew Strom. Do you have time? If so, I ask you to consider it, pray about and contact me if it is a “GO!” You do some great work. I am 76 years old, retired US Army Special Forces Ranger Green Beret and other Government Service. In the Last Days there is a message to be cast along the Narrow ………..while living the Gospel… written on the Tablets of my heart …pointing to the Book of Acts ….today in coming a Revival indeed before Rapture.

    • Wayne says:

      Hi Gordon. That is a theme I created and you are welcome to use it, but I don’t do website development for people sorry. I didn’ make that website you are talking about. That fellow used a theme I created and shared for free through wordpress. I am a full time minister of a church and my time is given over to that. If you wanted to pay someone maybe you could try Or find someone near you who does web development. Sorry I can’t be of help but there are lots of web developers out there and I am sure you can find someone.

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