Under the ‘Church‘ heading above I have a stack of resources from how to select church PA gear to sermon ideas and some highlights of things we’ve done at DPC!  

PA gear for churches

Some brief and general hints for church PA stuff. For foldback I’d go mackie powered speakers SRM350. They can then double up for events like men’s nights offsite, outdoor kids club etc – just put them on a stand. Go SRM 450 if you want to double up for bigger for

Death by Meeting

This article was thought provoking. I’m not sure what do to with it but I’m putting it here to keep me thinking about it. I hate boring meetings, but I’m not good at having constructive conflict in meetings either. ARTICLE: DEATH MY MEETING

Minimising guilt at Easter

Easter appropriate headline in the SMH today. We can do all sorts of things to minimise our guilt, buying fair-trade chocolate is one of them. I’m a sucker – I love chocolate and I’m sure fair trade Cadbury eggs will make me feel great. But the bigger and better headline

Nike vs Jesus

I just preached on Romans 1 last week and it was no surprise to see that the gods of our culture are no different to those 2000 years ago… Aphrodite – the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and sexuality. Nike the greek god of Victory Hera the god of marriage

Sensual Worship the road to apostacy?

The article by Iain Murray called ‘discordant worship’ in the latest AP essentially seems to be saying that if we sing in a style of music that we like, then it’s a sin. Where does he go wrong? To begin with, he improperly defines ‘sensual’ as anything appealing to the

Men and Machines

We had a ‘Men and Machines’ night last week – surprisingly easy to organise, a surprising number of cars and blokes that came out of the woodwork for the event. Great night. About 60 guests, plus 60 church blokes.

Men’s Convention

I went to men’s convention last weekend with a group of 14 fellows from DPC. In the weeks leading up to men’s convention I inevitably think “is this really worth it, 3 1/2 hours drive for one day of talks”. As usual though, men’s convention was one of the most

The Social Network

I saw ‘The Social’ Network’ yesterday. A good but very depressing movie. A modern day chapter of Ecclesiastes just without the happy ending. The last scene with Mark Zuckerberg sitting on facebook, friendless, hitting refresh hoping his old girlfriend might accept his friend request was especially tragic. I couldn’t help

Reflections on Total Church

I think a question I’ve have been good at asking is what does it mean to be a Christian during the week? Maybe the question I haven’t been asking is, ‘What does it mean to be church during the week?’

Crowded House core values

I’ve just been reading the Core Values of Crowded House… 1. The priority of the gospel 2. Mission through community 3. Home as the primary location of church 4. Sharing our lives as extended family 5. Inclusive communities 6. Working for city renewal 7. Growing by starting churches and church

Total Church

I just took a roadtrip to Sydney to see Stryper – they were awesome. I took with me 12 hours of talks from The Total Church North America Conference 2008. They were very good – challenged me about a lot of things – but also these guys were talking about

Taking a Break From the Lord’s Work

Noticed this article about burnout at New York times. I find this line worrying: Many would change jobs if they could. I’m not worried that people want a break from ministry. What worries me is that people are staying in ministry because they feel trapped.

The Blogging Pastor

I was recently at a Geneva Coaches training and they asked me to say a few words on technology. I said its great if you are a pastor to have a blog. A few reasons why… 1. People are out there reading blogs and there may as well be some

Capernaum Street News

We’ve come up with a little series called Capernaum Street News. I wrote the scripts, and Matt and the guys at Quizworx put them together. Andrew from PY and Real World Technology Solutions filmed them for me, and we just used them last week at our Holiday Kids Club. You