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I’m Wayne, I’ve lived in Dubbo for almost 8 years.
Born in Griffith, NSW.
I was trained as an Electircal Engineer and worked in Ultimo for Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

I am now working as a Minister of the Presbyterian Church in Dubbo, New South Wales

I still love Computers, and host a number of websites including our Church site, http://dpc.org.au, macintoshhowto.com a site on help for Macintosh users and dubbo.org an information site for Dubbo, NSW.

Favourite Food

Green curry
Massaman curry
Lamb Cutlet
Roast Chicken
Homemade Ice Cream
Chocolate Mousse

Favourite Movies

Star Wars
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Castle

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  1. Chris Hopwood says:

    Dear Wayne ,
    Please keep praying for the Christians in Bd,
    Chris 27.02.2007

  2. J. Bos says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Stumbled onto the Blog. I have been trying to track down folks from Grace Pres. Bible Coll. Please write me with contact information. I am at CCTB and serve with the Chr.Ref. Church of NA.

  3. John Macintyre says:

    Hi Wayne
    i was at the tech seminar at assembly.

    Could you remind me of the name of the gismo for running powerpoint by remote you know the one that plugs into your usb.

    Also that little 4 channel mixer u recommended.

    Thanks mate greta blob.

  4. Wayne says:

    remote is Logitech presenter.

    mixer was behringer.

    I’m glad you like my ‘greta blob.’

  5. Beautiful happy family! Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

  6. Joe says:

    do you know how I can change the photos and the name of the categories for the “Sliding Door” style? I’d like to be able to customize my own, for example, I don’t need the “Weddings” tab


  7. Anne Mills says:


    I have just come accross your great website listing all the fantastic attractions in our wonderful city, I feel that our club also has alot to offer locals and visitors alike, including our live shows, dinning areas and lounges within the club. I would love to talk with you in regards to becoming involved in your site. Please feel free to send me and email or phone me directly at the club on 6882 4411. Thankyou, talk soon.

  8. Louise says:

    I just stumbled onto your website, so impressed. Would be very interested to chat as I am updateing my website and would like to add this link.
    Thank you

  9. PRK says:

    Hey Wayne,

    I don’t mean to clutter this site, but I’ve been trying to get a code from you so i can ask a question on your http://mac-host.com site. I’ve been using your template to create my website, artofadv.com (active publicly) and want to know if there is a way to remove the blog related sections. I’ve tried emailing you as instructed during registration multiple times over the last few days with no response. Thank you so much for a reply to this message.

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