Was contemplating visiting Tanna on the way home to see a volcano, then read this…

Posted at 05:28 on 31 May, 2010 UTC
Scientists are warning airlines and tourists of the danger of ash and volcanic rocks erupting from Mt Yasur on Vanuatu’s Tanna island.
Wellington’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre has reported an ash cloud covering 100 nautical square miles and more than 1.8 kilometres high within the volcano’s vicinity.
A geohazard technical advisor for the Vanuatu government, Sylvain Todman, says tourists are now banned from visiting the volcano and the government’s assessing the impact for the ten villages nearby which are being affected by gas and ash spewing from its crater.
“We saw very large explosions and important explosions outside the crater rim. All these bombs could reach all the villages around the volcano. We have a new kind of activity with a lot of ash falls, very large ash plumes and very important gas.”

So looks like it will be straight back home on Friday. Looking forward to getting back home…

We fly home Friday morning, arrive Sydney 9:40am and will then drive back to Dubbo Friday.

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  1. Good decision Wayne! Drive and travel safely. We hope to see you on Sunday, Take care and God’s blessing and strength on you and the Vanuatu people you are with.

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