Some bisalma that we are learning.

Wanem sport yu likem tumas?
Wanem nambawan sport blong you?

From wanem you likem?

You save play stringband?

You stup lo island?
You travel lo wanem?

You got horse lo island blong you?

You sitdown finis lo horse?

Olsen wanem long study blong you?
Olsen wanem long xxx blong you?

You save sing sing wan chorus blong me.

You come Hamas time long Vanuatu?

Bae you stap hamas time lo vanuat?

Whonow hemi firstone lo famly?

What wanem
Why from wanem

Mimi got 5 pikinini blong me

Mi gad 38 years

Mimi good long hem. = Mimi good lem

I true???
Come arn!!!

Turdle e come shore!
Time fowl e gad tooth

I good long toktok blong you.

Today you walkabout,
I takem you Hamas time lo wokbout?


  1. So it translates roughtly as?

    What sport do you like?
    No….Rubbish….Australians can’t play soccer!
    “Cricket” Why would anyone like cricket?
    Crazy Man.
    You leave playing the stringed instruments to us!!!!
    What do you mean you’re going to an island in a canoe? You people can’t even find the big islands in a plane.
    You’re crazy people!

    Thinking of you and praying frequently.
    Jess. R.

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