So this is what a VISA looks like. Here it is, the little piece of paper I was waiting for to let me into Bangladesh. I am heading off tomorrow. I’ll be in Gazipur for 1 week at a bible school, then traveling around the country for a week meeting people, then finally I’ll be meeting our sponsor child Mithun and his family on 24th Feb at Chalksingh, then back home. Keep an eye here and I’ll give an update whenever I find Internet Access.


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  1. Col says:

    Please pardon my skepticism, but I am not sure to what extent you will be able to get much internet access.

  2. Wayne says:

    You were right, not real good internet access in Bangladesh,
    we had email access via dial up but it was very slow, kept dropping out, and not reliable enough to make any posts! So I only got one post away – at Singapore. I’ll give an overview of my trip on the blog tomorrow. Good to be home.

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