There is a problem with the workcover Fireworks single use form, FE03. The bar code is the pdf if blurry so that no matter what printer you print it on, it won’t scan at the post office.

I just thought it would be good to have a record of this on the Internet so that if anyone is Google searching the problem they can find an answer.

So there is no way round the problem – you will just have to print off the form with the bad barcode take it to Australia Post and they will take five or 10 min trying to work out what the actual code is – looking it up in their book manually.

You might want to report it to workcover, but I just tried, and after half an hour, and taking to three different people,  I finally got onto a lady who said  that WorkCover weren’t interested in fixing unless more people reported the problem because the form has been out there for five years and no one has reported the problem! That’s 5 years of post offices having to look up the form number manually!

I explained that the reason no one has reported the problem is most likely that the post office tell you it’s a problem with your printer,  and even if you did ring WorkCover who is going to be the good Samaritan  and spend half an hour on the phone just to tell WorkCover there is a problem with their form?

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  1. Wayne says:

    This has been fixed!

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