Just got a Miele dishwasher and happy to find out from Miele support that you can use Vinegar instead of rinse-aid if you need to. Our family is sensitive to perfumes and chemicals so this is great news. Nice dishwasher. G4101 or something like that. The bottom of the line. Well designed and built. I like good things.

My recommendations for good things are:
Best washing machine: Fisher and Paykel
Best New or second hand Dishwasher: Miele
Best Computer: Mac
Best Wood Heater: Turbo Ten burning Log (Australian Company)
Best Portable Powered Speakers: Mackie or QSC.
Best general purpose mics for singing: Shure SM58.
Best People Mover: Chrysler Voyager.
Best ipod: 5th Gen classic iPod.
Best PA Mixer: Allen and Heath.
Best Blog Software: WordPress
Best Chocolate: Cadbury
Best Orange Juice: Nudie

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3 Comments on Miele… very good.

  1. Samuel says:

    So how are you enjoying it? We are torn between Bosch, KitchenAid, and just recently heard about the Miele. Would love an update. 🙂

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