GTD p44, 98, 164

An A-Z general reference file for everything.


I can’t believe how nice this looks. I truly do have a new relationship with my filing system.

Dave Allen’s 3 tab manila folders not available in Australia. Nor are the file systems with no hangers. I tried a few different combo’s to get the manilla files to sit above the suspension files. In the end I found that these 5 tab dividers sit in the Officeworks suspension files which are a bit shorter that all the other brands, so the folders poke out the top nicely. I followed GTD method of 1 folder per hanger and labelled with brother labeller. The best manilla folders I found were I forget the brand – either Avery or Marbig – the ones from Corporate Express.

The best folders for GTD are these cheapo Officeworks ones that are 1cm shorter than all the other brands. This works in my favour as the manilla tabs now poke out the top.

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  1. Peter Marmara says:

    Wayne – I use manila folders with Officeworks sticky tabs that make the labels show. I then place the folders vertical in my draw and let their high volume keep them standing up. Yous looks much more professional

  2. wayne says:

    Yes, because I am so disorganised I decided I would follow Dave Allen’s book to the letter.

    He said use a brother labeller, so I used a brother labeller!

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