Last week while in Bangladesh I was able to visit the family of our Compassion Sponsor Child, Mithun. We have been supporting Mithun for about 3 years and it was great to be able to visit him and his family.


Here is the family inside their house. From the left, Mithun’s dad, grandfather, brothers, grandmother, and mother. It was amazing to visit this child who we have a connection with, and see his family, and see the way their lives are being changed. His grandfather broke down and cried when he saw me.


Here is the Project/School that Mithun attends. The gospel is transforming these children’s lives. They also had a good education program, and a good cultural program where the children are taught bengali culture. Compassion have a great balance of teaching the children form the bible, but also retaining their own traditional skills and songs and dance etc.

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  1. Col says:

    In visiting a compassion child’s family, I am reminded of a similar situation I was in, but the parents immedaitely told me of the plight of all the other children in the family needing assistance.

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