Colemak Keyboard aaaaargh!

Well yesterday I change my keyboard layout to Colemak. I had to pull off all the keys one by one and put them back in the new spots, and then change the keyboard driver on my Mac. Now my keyboard looks like this. It’s driving me crazy trying to type with it.


Here is a photo halfway through rearranging it.


Despite it being better on your fingers and more efficient, they estimate there are only approximately 3000 people using the Colemak layout so far. Dvorak is more popular, but Colemak looked better to me.


  1. Dear Wayne,
    I did not know there was another method. I know I could never change after all these years
    of touch typing.

    It will be interesting to hear how you go with it.

    Love Mum xxx

  2. Dvorak was too mainstream was it? I know a few mates that can touch type on Dvorak, and I am fairly reasonable on it. Boy it annoys anyone else who uses my computer though…

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