Saying No: How Successful People Stay Productive

Why to-do lists are rarely as effective as scheduling time – a great article from Farnam St… Saying No: How Successful People Stay Productive. It’s really easy to add things to a to-do list. Because it’s so simple, these lists tend to grow and grow. Even worse they encourage us to

The Power of Less

GTD by dave Allen is the system and process I use to organise myself thanks to Steve Cree, but often the wheels fall off, and here’s a simple way to keep going when things get out of control. Leo Babauta has a book called ‘The Power of Less’. The central

Getting Things Done – general reference system

GTD p44, 98, 164 An A-Z general reference file for everything. I can’t believe how nice this looks. I truly do have a new relationship with my filing system. Dave Allen’s 3 tab manila folders not available in Australia. Nor are the file systems with no hangers. I tried a

GTD – a place for everything

I’m up to page 111 – COLLECT EVERYTHING INTO IN. Items with no action – supplies, reference material, decoration and equipment just ‘stay where they are, that is, unless something is where it doesn’t belong. The inference is that everything has a place. Well pretty much every tool and supply

Geting Things Done

I’ve created a new category called GTD – Getting things done, click here to see it. I’ve read Dave Allens book the classic called GTD and it really is very good. I’m going to keep a bit of a blog in this new GTD category of how I go about

GTD Stage 1

Well inspired by Paul Sheely and Steve Cree, I have read Dave Allen’s Getting things done, and today was stage 1 of my clean up with Dave Allen as my personal coach and my two boys as helpers. We cleaned out the study, it now looks like this: I really