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Our Family

This section of my blog has updates and photos of family life! Just click on ‘Our Family’ on the menu above.  

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I run a help site for Apple computers at Under ‘Computers’ you’ll find some articles that were a bit too technical or obscure to make it on my main Apple website.

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Under the ‘Church‘ heading above I have a stack of resources from how to select church PA gear to sermon ideas and some highlights of things we’ve done at DPC!  

The way the media lies to us about health

Nutrition and Physical Activity

On ABC radio yesterday they reported on an Australian study by  Lisa Wood that shows saturated fat can worsen asthma. The article is transcribed here: “Associate Professor Lisa Wood discusses a new finding that an unhealthy diet high in saturated fats and low fresh food can exacerbate asthma and make it more difficult to treat.”

This was a little surprising to me because it goes against all the recent research showing that saturated fats are highly beneficial to our health. So I did a little bit of research only to find that the article itself by Lisa Wood says the exact opposite  of what ABC radio has reported it as saying.

Indoor Plants – the VOC solution


This study from NASA in 1989 tells us

” most environmental scientists and government agencies agree that indoor air pollution is a realistic threat to human health”

It turns out that NASA tried all sorts of technologies to see which was the most efficient way to purify air from toxins. The answer was… plants!

So if you do want to do something about air pollution in your home or office, get some plants.  Read this NASA article for more details on which plants are better for which toxins

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Old memories

Just found this photo of when we replaced the engine in the falcon. We were working late into the night with torches because the crane had to be back to the hire place the next […]

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The Great BBQ Challenge

Well, the great BBQ challenge finals were last week. Earle and I entered. Here’s a photo of us at the auditions. We didnt’ even make it into round 1, despite our obvious wit and talent. […]

International allowable Pesticide levels

Check out Alphalpa (luncere), Hay, Pea and Wheat and Barley! (And consider what we feed the cows that we eat.)  

Stick to warm lighting! “Our results raise questions about adverse effects on the retina from chronic exposure to LED light compared with other light sources that have less blue light. Thus, we suggest a precautionary approach with regard […]