I designed a wordpress theme for my Dubbo site, but decided not to use it in the end, so I have put it on wordpress.org for other people to use. It’s called Sliding Door. It’s slowly making it’s way up the ‘Most Popular’ list, it’s currently number 13 9. See it here.

There’s been over 20,000 downloads of my theme!

There’s been over 40,000 downloads, but it’s dropped out of the top 10 now.




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  1. Nat says:

    Ok, so a name of the theme would be helpful as the link only takes us to a page of heaps of themes!!!

  2. Felix says:

    Ok..I am a noobie to wordpress themes. Since you are the author can you help me on how to change the pictures and text in the menu? A tutorial or manual would be helpful.



  3. Hello,

    I just wanted to say I love your theme Sliding door ver. 1.8.3
    BUT….a few hours ago I seen a update to ver 1.8.4
    So, I updated and it broke 🙁

    Please could you tell me what happen.
    and could you tell me where i can download ver 1.8.3?

  4. Rex says:

    How can I change the pictures on the sliding door top. I would like to use pictures of BAW woodturnings?

  5. Remy Frank says:


    I LOVE your theme. I’ve been using it since Feb 2009 for my professional/resume site. I am a total WP/html novice (I know just enough to get myself into trouble), but really enjoy using Sliding Door.

    One thing I struggling to locate is where I can go to change the color of all hyperlinks and also borders around images. Although your blue is nice, I’d like to mix it up a bit. :-] Any chance you can point me to the right location? I checked the StyleSheet, but maybe I missed it?

    Kind regards and cheers to Thursday!
    Rémy Frank

  6. Wayne,

    I installed one of your themes on my wordpress page. The comments say to make 6 pages and the link to my pages will be linked to the pages on your design. They are not linking. I already had 8 pages made on the old theme but your new theme is not linking with my old pages. Just wondering what I am doing wrong. Thanks for the assistance.


  7. Jim McClain says:

    Wayne, if you are no longer supporting the Sliding Doors theme, please let us know. I don’t want to waste my time or yours. I managed to get registered on the support site (clicking submit reveals the “code” that’s missing), but waiting forever for the activation code.

    I won’t install a theme (or plug in) that isn’t supported. It’s just not a wise move. Sliding Doors is beautiful, but if it fell off your life’s roadmap, let us know.

    Thanks, Jim

  8. I love your theme sliding door and used it for 12 websites. Now when I try to use it again it does not show anywhere with the themes. Did you pull it? Are you supporting it anymore?

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