We are heading off to Vanuatu in 2 days! Madly packing. 16 of us from Morning Church going to talua for 2 weeks. Helping with a kids club, and some building/wiring maintenance.

The t-shirts just arrived today – they look great!

Jesus is Number 1!

We got them done by eclipse printing in Gosford who I am impressed with. I emailed them the artwork last Tuesday and paid by VISA, they arrived in the post today (Monday). That’s under a week! $38 setup then $10 a shirt. They are bright, fantastic quality, thick T-Shirts.

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  1. Steve Teale says:

    Hi wayne .. we are off to Tanna in July .. working on a little Bible college … I’m doing some Bible teaching /training with students .. and preaching in villages … I thought I’d go through the King Snake and the Promise and go through the basics(which might be interesting in a culture that doesn’t have any snakes!!) … really love the t-shirts will let our people know

  2. Steve Teale says:

    Len and Robyn Newton are in our congregation and they’ve had time there and take a group over in Jan 18-25 yr olds (Youth partners) (Pressie) and then a group in July (Trade partners) some others from the congregation have gone over .. teach english and do work … since coming to Alstonville Len has been on my case to do some Bible teaching there .. with the T-shirts is there a minimum no. to get them @ $10 … do they have Polo shirts with collars?

  3. Glen Connor says:

    They do have snakes in Vanuatu, just not poisonous ones.

  4. Wayne says:

    Just found out we spelt ‘Jisas’ wrong!!!
    That apparently makes the t-shirt more authentic though, you see spelling mistakes over here in newspapers and even on huge advertising billboards!

  5. You will enjoy the island as much as we did. Have fun!If you get the chance, feel free to check out Vanatu Hotels in Australia. It is one great place to spend an island holiday.

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