Vanautu is great! We do work in the mornings and sometimes in the
Afternoons. It is quite muggy and
Hot up here as well.

The attitude and just the way that the Nivanuatu people go about their daily stuff is an encouragent in itself.
Joyce, one of the single ladies at the college is always wanting to, and reminding me to thank God for all he has done for us.

When we get back to Dubbo we will be teaching our pastor how to be humble again where at every meal he will go last instead of being first over here.
Devotions are very encouraging, we are having very good discussions on Romans 12:1-14.
Jacob Knight

I had a very encouraging conversation with Peter one of the local blokes, and he was saying they struggle with the same things we struggle with back in Australia- young people having troubles with drugs, alcohol etc. PS love you Sylvia and Rhianna.

Some students from Talua have joined us for devotions and kids club and it has been encouraging getting to know them and seeing their love for Jesus.

We are constantly reminded that we are in the tropics rain every day very high humidity constantly sweating 27 28 degrees all the time even during the night. It is beautiful lush vegetation amazing flowers fruit trees lots of geckos lizards butterflies frogs. Kids club was very encouraging and humbling to see how well they cope with so little-we are so priviledged. The teachers really appreciated the time we spent with the children. It is great working with the team everyone is working together well. Kaye


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  1. Anne McLeod says:

    Hi Guys
    It is wonderful to be able to read about your time in Vanuatu. I pray that God is keeping you all safe and well. What a huge number of children for the Kids Group! WOW
    All the best
    Anne McLeod

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