Each day has a bit of a routine to it. Up for breakfast at 6:30. Devotions in Bislama at 7:00am. Work till Morning tea at 10. Work till lunch at 12:30. Afternoon break then join in with local activities in the afternoon. Yesterday some of us went to choir. Today there’s gardening and a Kid’s club. Dinner at 6 and then after dinner we have our own devotions as a team. Then a long game of emporer and scum for the ypung ones before bed.

Barry is off to town today to buy some more supplies. Our money has run out so we are just trying to finish the jobs we are doing. We bought a whole bunch of bannanas on day one – it’s just ripened today so we’ll be eating lots of bananas today and tomorrow.

Some sickness after last Sundays feast – 3 local kids off to the clinic, Colin, Ben, Rachael all vomiting and others with an upset tummy. Some flu around too so please be praying for our health.

Kids club was great last week but plans have changed and no week long kids club this week. We are just getting involved as we can with things.

Greg and Wayne joined in staff devotions this morning which was great.

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  1. Cathy Mckay says:

    Praise God that we were able to get through customs without any hassles – actually we were the only ones who were at customs at the time. Rex plane was delayed by not enough air traffic controllers, so God had it all worked out.
    Thanks for praying everyone in Vanuatu and elsewhere. Please let Dean know too.
    Wonderful Alvina picked us up from the airport, provided us with tea, and breakfast for tomorrow.
    We have several stories re the trip home but leave that for another day.
    We love you Colin

  2. Wayne Connor says:

    Excellent! Good to hear you are back. The others just left this morning.

  3. Cameron says:

    Hey Wayne
    Back in Dubbo now, all flights were good, customs and immigration were fine. Raining in Sydney this morning. Have a good holiday with Glen and Rachel and the family
    God Bless

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