Well I am back in Australia after spending 2 weeks in Bangladesh, but Chris my travel companion remains in Bangladesh for 2 more weeks. It was almost impossible to get reliable internet in Bangladesh where we were, so I could send out the odd email, but posting to the blog didn’t work. Sorry about that.

Most of our time was spend at Gazipur teaching at a small Bible College there.


Here is a photo of the first year students who I was teaching. The college has approx 30 first year students, mostly from Hindu and Bhuddist backgrounds. Also there were about 10 second year students and 10 graduates back for a 2 weeks refresher course.


Here is a Sunday School program in a small villiage area. These are college students teaching the children with songs and stories from the Bible.

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  1. Hello Wayne,
    I just returned from Bangladesh where seven of us from the First Presbterian Church in Quincy, Massachusetts led a retreat for the staff of “A Widow’s Friend”, F.O.B. at the
    Home of Joy near Khulna.
    While in Dhaka, a meeting was arranged beforehand, with Saidur Rahman of the Grace Presbyterian Bible College in
    Gazupur. He told us of his experiences and history, and we were very much impressed. He also told us of his needs. We were invited to go to Gazipur when we returned to Dhaka, but we were not able due to time constraints. I know that we missed out on something special.
    We informed Saidur that we would do whatever we can to support his ministry, and we plan to get in touch with our local Presbytery and local churches to get some financial help. If necessary, we will go to the National church level to
    get assistance. Yes, we were impressed.
    Now, Wayne, as someone who has spent some time at the college and has a first-hand knowledge of what is happening there, and its needs, I would appreciate your input.
    Don Murray

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