wp clean up plugin

This plugin a beauty for trimming a bloated akismet database from wordpress. See here my kismet has over 600,000 entries of spam – bloating my wordpress table and slowing my site down. This plugin removes them with a click. No need to use phpmyadmin. http://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/wp-clean-up  

How to secure wordpress

Make sure you have most up to date wordpress change database prefix from wp_ to something else (WSD Security plugin will do this) change default admin username  from admin to something else (add new admin, log out, log in under new user, delete old admin, choose import posts option when

Huge commentmeta file in wordpress database.

A surprising email: It has come to our attention that your site is using an excessive amount of MySQL resources on your Bluehost account. So some looking into it, the wordpress commentmeta SQL table for http://macintoshhowto.com was 2.7 Gig. Yes 2.7 GB!!!!! More looking, it’s a bug with Akismet spam

how to move wordpress site to new url on the same server.

1. Setup new directory and copy across all  old files. 2. Edit functions.php of old site. Add these two lines to the file, immediately after the initial “<?php” line. update_option(‘siteurl’,’http://benidrive.com’); update_option(‘home’,’http://benidrive.com’); reload admin pages a few times. remove the 2 lines 3. Update URL’s in database tables. On new site,

Permanent redirect for moving a website

I just closed down 7.barracks.cl and moved all the articles to wayneconnor.com 1. EXPORT all articles from 7.barracks.cl using wordpress admin back end. 2. IMPORT them all to wayneconnor.com using WordPress admin. This moved all the posts and comments across and put them in the right location. Very nice. 3.

Be careful of wp-secure plugin

wp-secure plugin has an option to ‘secure your wp’content’ folder. I did this and look what happened to my traffic – it dropped from 6000 hits a day to 600! The reason for this is that blocking wp-content via the htaccess returns a 403 error to googlebot and therefore google

Website hosting – Bluehost/Layeredtech/Rackspace

My blue host server has become a sluggish lately. The CPU throttling is on more than not and sometimes the webpages take a long time to load or I even get a “database unavailable” error. My http://macintoshhowto.com site is getting 150K visits a month, http://dubbo.org gets 20K visits monthly and

rsync server backup

How to back up your web server via the terminal This will backup your entire remote server to your local Macintosh computer. rsync –recursive –verbose –archive –progress –stats –size-only –dry-run yourusername@yourservername.com:folder_to_backup ~/Sites/ TO do for real repeat the command with –dry-run removed! Here’s how to make it so you don’t

remove ds-store files from zip file

If you are trying to  upload theme to WordPress.org and are getting the following error: ds_store Hidden Files or Folders found Here is an app that will remove the offending files from your folder… http://software.ryangrier.com/dsstorecleaner  

WordPress theme

  WordPress is a blogging platform. I wrote a theme for it called Slidingdoor which I use on dubbo.org and currently it’s the  most popular theme on the WordPress theme home page. It’s been averaging about  9000 downloads a week. It probably won’t stay there long so I’ve taken a screenshot!

Sliding Door

Some nice sites that use my sliding door theme http://www.protocolsnow.com http://www.feuerartistik.com/ http://www.OliverAlert.com/

My WordPress theme

I designed a wordpress theme for my Dubbo site, but decided not to use it in the end, so I have put it on wordpress.org for other people to use. It’s called Sliding Door. It’s slowly making it’s way up the ‘Most Popular’ list, it’s currently number 13 9. See

Google payment

30th September 2006 – my first google payment. US$117 not bad. That was pretty easy. I put some google adds on dubbo.org and it’s earning about US$10-15 per month. That should pay for all my web hosting. I’m a real computer nerd now.