Dictating a talk.

I use Dragon Dictate on my Mac to dictate all my Bible talks. There’s a few things I like about it:

    • Seeing as I’m going to be speaking a talk, there’s something more natural about speaking it as I write rather than typing it.
    • I’m a slow typer so it’s a lot faster.
    • I have been getting sore arms from too much typing lately so it’s helping prevent that.

I’ve been doing it for nine years, with various pieces of software. The early versions of the software were a bit dodgy, but it’s pretty stable and easy to use nowadays, So I thought I’d show you a bit of a post about what I do in case you want to have a go.

If you have a PC, then go for Dragon NaturallySpeaking. You just need to get the cheapest version – paying more money doesn’t get you better recognition, it just adds features that you probably don’t need.

If you have a Macintosh, then the product is called Dragon Dictate, I have an article on it here.

If you are thinking about getting it, I suggest you find a friend with it, and give yourself an hour or two one afternoon at their place to try it out.

Here is a demo of me using it, ignore the first 30 seconds or so where the sound doesn’t work!

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