Masterchef Style Kids Club

Last year in term 3 we added a Masterchef flavour to our kid’s club. We had a cooking theme for the term. It was a great hit, and here is a video of the highlights plus put together a bit of a film clip on how we did the kids club.

Firstly, here’s the movie we showed at the final parent’s night, gives you an overview of what we did.

Then, here’s a video on how we did it:

You can download a zipped file of some of the resources by clicking here.

A few tips:

  • The Masterchef font is Bauhaus 93.
  • The Masterchef theme song is ‘hot n cold’ by Katie Perry you can download it off iTunes.
  • Don’t just use my recipes – find some people in your church who are willing to come along and help run one of their favourite recipes, and then mould the teaching round that recipe.
  • Most of the recipes were used DID NOT require cooking – icing gingerbread men, decorating cakes, etc. For the scones and the pizza pinwheels the kids made them and left them on a piece of baking paper, and parents baked them while the kids were in the Bible teaching time.
  • We used the same format each day: 1 Cooking. 2 Clean up. 3 Bible teaching time. 4 Judging.


  1. Thats awesome Wayne, we’re just too small at the moment to run kids clubs and things but we might take this on board for one of the reachout programs when we get helpers come out from Sydney.

  2. BRILLIANT consider it stolen… and mate I watched right to the very end… I’m about to run your spyclub in Albury… I’ll let you know how it goes… you’ve been doing this a while… It’s good for us to steal your stuff… who else is out there doing kidzclubs, writing stuff?

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