Well inspired by Paul Sheely and Steve Cree, I have read Dave Allen’s Getting things done, and today was stage 1 of my clean up with Dave Allen as my personal coach and my two boys as helpers.

We cleaned out the study, it now looks like this:

I really should have taken a before shot to see the difference!

Here is my new current projects file system:
projects file

And my MASSIVE overflowing ‘in’ tray, which will get processed in step 2, now looks like this – it’s 0.5m high!


Actually, it’s much bigger than that – my inbox overflows into the carport.
inbox overflow

Big job ahead of us to work out what to do with all this stuff! Nowhere to put the car now.

5 Comments on GTD Stage 1

  1. Paul says:

    Well done youngling!

  2. eugene hor says:

    Wayne – go for it bro! It took me 4 days to do the first stage! My pile filled the entire living room!!!

  3. Peter Marmara says:

    Wayne – didn’t know you were a GTD guy too. Been on it for a couple of years and have the groove of it now. Got it happening with my work stuff and at home. Very liberating. Pete

  4. wayne says:

    Yes, liberating is a good word!
    I lose it every now and then but when I’m using GTD properly it certainly keeps my head less stressed and clearer.

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