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  1. Kirk Olson says:

    Hello. I found you in a round-about way… I was researching phpicalendar, saw a post to your church website (DPC), and noticed you were developing a new church site in Joomla!. We converted our church to Joomla almost 2 years ago. However, it may be time for a makeover… I noticed on your Joomla DPC site your template. Did you develop that template from scratch or get it somewhere? I’d be curious to know. We need a new template and ones for churches don’t seem to be in abundance.

    Kirk Olson

  2. Dear friend ,

    It’s good to see the blog about your tour in Bangladesh .


  3. Sebastian says:

    Hoi Wayne!

    I love your Joomla Template from
    so i want to ask you where it is from?

    I want to use it as base for my new homepage for an motorcyle club.

    If you made the template yourselve, can you send it to me?

    Greetz from austria


  4. roger says:

    hey wayne, tried to e-mail the dubbo hockey place but the e-mail bounced back. was just wondering if you are still playing and what comps are available to me. i’ve had a fair bit of experience so i don’t think a mens team would bother me… anyhow, i’ll have a chat to you next time i get the chance…


  5. Wayne says: is actually wordpress, not joomla, it is a template called ‘little vistered’ with a few of my own modifications.

  6. Michael says:

    I´m Michael from Germany (near Frankfurt). I found your Joomla-Template wheat and I prefere to use it at

    There are some probems with teh menu. With Internet Explorer the menu is more right than with the Mozilla Firefox.

    I found only in template.css at line 764 “20 px” and change it to “0px”. Put it´s only a small change.

    With Firefox it looks very good.

    Could you help me?
    There is also a post from another person in the german Joomla-Forum.

    Best regards

    Michael Reuhl

  7. Wayne says:

    I don’t have explorer so can’t test your problem, microsoft havn’t released a macintosh version of explorer since version 5!

    But there are other padding elements that affect that menu:

    line 199
    #whitebox_m {
    border-left: 1px solid #ccc;
    border-right: 1px solid #ccc;
    width: auto;
    padding: 1px 8px;

    But probably the main one is around line 740, the margin setting:
    div.module_menu h3 {
    color: #000000;
    margin: -23px -4px 5px -5px;
    padding-left: 5px;
    padding-bottom: 0px;
    font: 18px “Helvetica Neue”, Arial, Helvetica, Geneva, sans-serif;

    The best thing is to get hold of a good CSS editor, I use CSSEdit on OSX, and you can just click on the bit you want to change in the browser window and it will highlight all the places in the CSS file that affect that element. You can change them and see what happens. Let me know how you go!

  8. Michael says:


    Wit regard to your torque convertor solenoid to lock it on permanently

    What vehicle did you fit it to?

    Did you ever work out how to get it to work in 1st as this would be great driving down hills in a 4WD


  9. Jean-Hugues says:

    Hello Wayne,

    I’m Jean-Hugues, from France, and I’ve seen your post on
    in which you propose someone to mail you informations from USB prober when a Samsung G600 is plugged-in.
    I haven’t found your mail, si I try to contact you this way, hoping it doesn’t bother you too much.
    Here’s the one line you requested from USB Prober:

    Device VendorID/ProductID: 0x09FC/0x0904 (unknown vendor)

    I’ve saved the whole information, in case it matters, but I won’t post it here.

    Anyway, I’ve got a question: why, in mass storage mode, does the phone act differently than a simple USB stick would ?
    I understand that Samsung doesn’t want to spend time and money for developing a specific driver for Mac, but why doesn’it show up as a generic USB drive ? Who’s the culprit here, Samsung or Apple ?

    Thanks for any information you can give me, and feel free to mail me if the whole USB Prober is useful to you.

    Thank you.


  10. Hello Wayne,

    i use your “wheat” Template for Joomla 1.5 and have one question. See the Demo Site on and now I tell you my question. On the right side where you can read “Ebay Werbung” “Umfragen” “Wer ist online” i want to Change the font, the colour of the font and the size. But i don’t find the options in the template.css. I search long time but son’t find the options. Can you please tell me where it is?

    best reguards from Germany and sorry for my bad english!

  11. Wayne says:

    This bit controls the heading on the right, around line 504, it controls all the headings…

    h3, .componentheading, table.moduletable th, legend {


    If you want seperate control from the left, then you need to make a new section like this:

    /*right menus*/
    div.moduletable_menur h3 { put code in here}
    then in the module under the moduel parameters “Module Class Suffix put in _menur

  12. Martin Haeberle says:

    Dear Mr. Connor,

    We would like to provide your excellent free template “Wheat” for Joomla! 1.5 on a CD to the readers of our German book “Joomla! für Dummies”.
    Please send us a message, if you agree with this. Thank you!

    Yours sincerley

    Martin Haeberle

  13. Hi

    I wanted to make a fresh wodrpress theme using the Image menu script you have used in sliding doors theme.

    I have made reference to where I got my idea in the read me.

    Do you mind ?

    Heres the demo I am almost done

    Best regards

  14. michael says:

    Dear Wayne,
    My wife and I are doing service in a community in Venezuela.
    After searching literally for a year, your sliding door theme is the first theme that we really really like. Could you please tell me how much you need to charge me to change the pictures and the category titles on each picture? You have done some really beautiful work on this and we feel very excited to have finally found a home for our blog.
    Hoping that we get to hear from you soon.
    Thanks and God Bless.

  15. Hey Wayne,
    I love the Sliding Doors theme, and would like to use it for the website of an Internet Radio show I’m doing. But I think doing all the work to change the thing to my needs is a little daunting. Know anyone who could do the changes for me? Like … you even?
    Thanks for your thoughts!

  16. Keith Dugger says:


    I am starting a blog and chose Sliding Door 1.5 as my theme. I am new to this and not super technical…is it possible to insert my own images?

    Thanks- Keith

  17. Jan Ulrich says:

    Hi Wayne

    Im very impressed by the tags feature at the dubbo theme you have made, and im using the sliding doors on one of my sites /fantastic theme) and would very much like to add the tags feature you have below site admin on dubbo.

    I hope to hear from you.


  18. Peter says:

    Wayne —

    I have been playing with the Sliding Door theme and I like the look of it, I was wondering if there is an easy way to make it into a three column theme. I feel that the sidebar is too cluttered.


  19. Ashley says:

    Howdy from Texas!

    Like previous posts, I too LOVE the Sliding Doors theme for Word Press. You have done a fantastic job! Had I not just had my CC fraudulently charged, I would totally spot you a cup of coffee or tea! 🙂

    I was wondering if there is anyway to have the code changed (or be explained) how to change the code to have an image header/banner up top instead of the linked blog name?

    Also, I would like to take the “Posted at…” off the side of the articles, but am not sure how.

    We will be implementing it for a church website, as well and probably other sites because of it’s modern, relaxed and yet, professional look!

    Let me know about the above… I would very much appreciate it! 🙂

  20. Wayne,

    I downloaded your Sliding Door WordPress blog which is very cool. I just wanted to know if you could help me figure out how to make the sliding door be at the top of the header like it does with the posts with all the pages too. Why doesn’t it appear on the pages? Can you help?

  21. Wayne,
    I found the answer on your phpBB forum:;t=267

    very cool. You have a great support forum and your sliding door word press theme should get an award. Thanks so much. I will donate you a cup of coffee….

  22. Mike says:

    Hello. My name is Mike, and I have a WordPress blog set up. Recently I found your “Sliding Door” theme. I really like the theme, but the image links at the top are not exactly what I need. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I edited the images in the top navigation to suit what I need, and, of course, all credit would still be to you. Please get back to me as soon as possible via email (mike[at]unknowninsignia[dot]com). Thanks in Advance, and keep up the great work.

    • Mike.
  23. Geo says:

    hi Wayne,

    I’m a newbie into building websites; among hundreds (almost) of themes, i’ve found your “sliding door” being most interesting one.
    I don’t know though if those sliding doors I could used them as “pages” doors. If I could place my own pictures in there instead.
    Thank you so very much!

  24. Mike says:


    I would like to begin using your sliding door wordpress theme, but I need two sidebars. Do you have this available?


  25. Telmo says:

    I there i like very the theme you made for wordpress saling dor , can i used on my company site ? can you send me the source code for the image menu

  26. April says:

    Hello Sir Wayne. I have something to open up to you regarding your sliding door wordpress theme. You can email me using the email I’ve inputted here. I want it to be private so that’s why. I hope I’ll get a reply soon. Thank you!

  27. Bill Swartz says:

    Hi. I love the sliding doors theme you created for WordPress and want to use it for my blog:

    My question:
    How can I change the labels and/or images on the expanding tiles?

    Thanks for your help!

  28. Les Tilka says:

    Hey Wayne,
    I downloaded your slidingdoor theme from WP and I’m trying to use it to upgrade the website for our ministry in the Philippines. I’m just techie enough to be dangerous — I’m a pastor by vocation — but wondering if there were any help files about customizing the theme for our site?

    Please advise.

  29. Worth says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I stumbled on your Macintosh how-to site because of your Doctor Who ringtone post and have been browsing around it a bit.

    It’s a nice site that you clearly have put a lot of time into. It seems a shame you’re only making $15 or so a month on the site — I have an idea that could benefit both of us and get you some money you deserve for your hard work on your site(s).

    Please email me using the email address I entered above, I’d very much like to talk about it.

    have a great day, and talk to you earlier,

    Worth (Doctor Who fan since 1977)

  30. Renato Cauzo says:

    Dear Mr Wayne,
    Do you have a list of plugins that actually work with slidingdoors theme? Very few seem to be working.
    Where could I find people using this theme in order to talk to them?
    Thanks for all the help.


  31. Ilana says:

    Hello Wayne,
    I am also very new at all this and like many others, I also really liked the Sliding Doors theme.
    I was just wondering how I could transform it into a website and take out the blogging / comments fields.
    Is there a way of making the pictures still?
    Best wishes and thank you.

  32. Reed says:

    I found your Sliding Door WordPress theme (that rocks by the way) and was curious about some customizing and if you could help me perhaps.

    Thank you!

  33. Hello! I’m using your Sliding Door theme and am having problems with it showing in IE. Do you happen to have CSS sheets for IE available?

  34. Sam says:

    Found your WP theme, sliding doors and must say it’s gorgeous!

    I had one question though, is it possible to add a “sub-title” under the blog title. I am not a CSS or PHP coder, and if you had the time would greatly appreciate it if you could give me a little 411 in that regard.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to make such a valuable contribution to the WP community available.

  35. Adin Ionescu says:

    Hi, Wayne!

    I found your Theme – Sliding Door, which I have installed it on my MacBook today. My adventure with WordPress is in day 2, I am very new to this stuff, but enjoying every bit of it. It’s my very first step in the universe of blogging. I bought a domain and work hard to build up a blog from scratch. I am 39, proud father of two boys and good husband to a lovely wife. But that’s enough of me. Get more, if God help me, on

    The reason I am asking for your help is because I simply don’t know how to link the Categories in the Sliding Doors (Nature, Landscape, etc) to the Gallery of pics in WordPress.

    Could you please help me with that?

    Greeting from Romania


  36. Doug Young says:

    Hello Wayne,
    Thanks for your WordPress Sliding Door template.
    I use Windows XP Home, sorry about that … but your template works beautifully. I tried their Arras theme template and had all sorts of issues. Once I learned how to get around in WP and modify things Sliding Door works nicely.
    I’ll keep checking your site also, very interesting … hope to show more support in the future.
    Thanks again,

  37. Kyle Harms says:


    First off – I love the theme Sliding Door and am currently setting up my website using it!
    However, my only issue is how do i upload my own pictures to use them as the images in place of the preset images…I know the place where the images are etc…just not sure how to get my images there…HELP!

    thanks a bunch!


  38. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the Sliding Door Theme on WordPress. Just what I was looking for.

  39. Luiz says:

    My question is similar to Jean-Hugues’.

    I have a Samsung i617 but i cant get mac to recognize it.
    Device VendorID/ProductID: 0x04E8/0x6663

    Id really appreciate it if you could send me a driver for this or even write a how-to teaching us how to make the driver ourselves.

    Thanks a lot.

  40. Gina says:

    Hi Wayne

    Love your Dubbo Info Website. I have put a link from my retail page for visitors from our website to link to yours. Great work. cheers .

  41. Nikki says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I am from Dubbo City Church and am in the processing of changing some of our website details (Total novice) Warren Taylor is longer our Pastor we have a new one. Some one has informed you correctly that Dubbo City Church ceased on the 16th Aug. however this is only under the Apastolic Church we are still a functioning church at the same venue. In Google there is displayed we are no longer open how can I chnage this? Also there is a message about us being an Apastolic church which we are no longer. I am hoping you can assist me.
    Blessings Nikki

  42. Hi Wayne,
    Just a quick message, could you please email me back as we are coming back to Dubbo for christmas, and would like to catch up,
    Thanking you

  43. Morgan Brett says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I set up a website with wordpress several months ago. I have loved your sliding door theme from day one, especially after I entered our images. Sadly, I have had to use a different theme with three columns that doesn’t even compare to the visual impact sliding door offers. I have been checking your FAQ and support forumn weekly for some time, desperatley hoping you have posted a “how to” on setting up a thrid column or that you have released a second version of the sliding door theme with a third column. Can you please let me know if I should just remain patient, that one day soon this may happen-or not. I can only imagine the time and work you would need to put into it. I would certainly consider paying for your time and for this feature if you would be willing.
    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing back from you – Morgan

  44. Andrew B says:

    Hey Wayne,

    Congrats on getting your Picture Perfect theme into the Most Popular list on

    You might remember who I was from the Create Conference, the one teaching you a thing or two about RSS feeds. Sorry for taking my time to get back to you following the Create Conference. I’ve added you on Twitter ( And signed up for updates about your new site, Pastor2Pastor.

    Andrew B

  45. petra says:

    hi wayne,
    i like your drop down menu in your site very much and i need one of these for my first site. i red that’s the wordpress theme called ‘little vistered’. but there i didn’t found the menu. is that one of your modifications???
    thank you
    petra from vienna

  46. petra says:

    hi wayne,
    I like your Template from espacially the menu. i want to ask you where it is from? for my page i need a menu like this! thanks for your answer.
    by petra

  47. Niels Onderbeke says:

    Hello Wayne,

    I also saw your post on the mac howto about a samsung G600 plugin… Can you help out? I contacted the bloke that sells the plugin, but he doesn’t reply. And nobody else on the internet seems to have made one. And being able to sync this thing would be sooo helpful for me and my social life lol. I now have to guess who texts me. I do remember more phone numbers though :p

    Anyway, if it doesn’t exist yet – and I imagine you don’t have loads of spare time you don’t know what to do with – I can try and modify a plugin myself, but please help me get going. I have quite a lot linux experience and know how to program in java, so I’ll figure it out some time :p Just need to know what to look for and where to start…

    greetings from snowy Belgium,

  48. Sam Curtis says:

    Using Sliding Door 1.8.2 by Wayne Connor

    Sidebars containing my ads have disappeared. Need to get this working again, and soon. It’s Black History Month and those ads need to running now. Why is this happening?

  49. Ben says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I’m working with WordPress for a Northeastern University student activities group. I love your “Sliding Door” template, and I would like to use it, but I am wondering how to change the pictures and words on the tabs to our own stuff. Could you show me how to do this or at least lead me in the right direction? Thank you so much!

  50. Hey,

    I used your sliding door template for my mom’s WordPress site. She tried to add 7 menu items and only 5 would mysteriously show up. I fixed it by changing header.php from:




    This was for WP 2.9.2. Thanks for the great template!! It’s incredibly good stuff.

    • Jonathan
  51. Thomas Gross says:


    I use the sliding door theme. Feel free t use my site as an example etc. Love the theme!:

    Could never get the other areas of the site to work like the box areas at bottom as you have tried to help in the past and I would probably need to reload WP but I dont trust myself to do that LOL.

  52. Friedrich says:

    Hello Wayne,
    what is your charge to help with the set-up of our sliding door website?
    Thank you,

  53. Tadd says:

    Hi, Wayne,

    I like your Picture-Perfect Word Press theme. I want to move the sliding-door image menu to the right-hand side. I need you to point me in the right direction to find the properties for the image-menu div. The text side-bar div is in the style.css but the image-menu is not, as far as I can tell. Thanks for your help.

  54. Dear Wayne Connor:
    I’m writing from São Paulo, Brazil. Excuse my English, please … I am installing a WordPress theme that I use as my website. I downloaded 1.3.3 Picture Perfect by Wayne Connor. I was happy with the possibilities of WordPress and the design Picture Perfect. I’m lost and need help: How do I change the banner on the left Texts and Pictures (how can I change them)?
    I am immensely grateful if you can help me.
    Thank you very much.
    Francisco Camargo

  55. Joanna says:

    Hi Wayne!

    I’m using one of your themes and can’t seem to get the permalinks to work by submitting “post name” as the custom setting. I use this on all my other blogs so I can’t figure out what’s going on. Thanks so much for your help!

  56. Wayne,

    I have a question about your Picture Perfect 1.3.3 theme for WordPress. My wife is using it for her photography website. She loves it! Is there any way that we can change the pictures on the left hand side to be her pictures instead of yours? Do you have the same theme available for Drupal?

  57. Adam N says:

    Hi Wayne-

    I’ve been using your Sliding Door WordPress template for a little over a year, now. I appreciate you putting it together!

    As of a few weeks ago, however, we have been having some problems with it. It appears that after my host server updated their PHP version from 5.2.14 to 5.3.3 the template no longer would display page content. It wasn’t until my host ‘downgraded’ to 5.2.14 today that the site would display content again. Another problem that has arisen is that the graphics that I had designed and placed in the sliding doors have mysteriously disappeared, as well… I’m not sure what happened there, but there is obviously something that was affected with the sliding doors with the PHP changes, as well. Is it possible your template is not compatible with 5.3.3? Thanks in advance for your help-

  58. Miglo says:

    Hello Wayne,

    I downloaded on eof your great WordPress themes, but now I can’t get into my Dashboard. Any ideas?

  59. Wayne,

    I just started learning to do my own website using your outstanding template. First of all thank you for all of your hard work! Second where is Dubbo, or where ever it is that you are based out of? Third it is nice you are a fellow Mac user. Fourth where do I download the Sliding Door 2.0 update that I see mentioned in your posts? So far I do not see it.

    Lastly thank you for your patience with us web newbies. I am based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and at 58 years young I am way behind the curve in learning about how to build my own web pages. Thanks to Word-Press and guys like you, I now feel empowered to take on building my own site and refrain from the rip off that I have encountered in the past ten years from shady web guys whom have stollen my cash and caused my mistrust in the web.

    Should you ever come to Las Vegas it would be my pleasure to return the favor and assist you in any way I am able.


    The Nikonian

  60. Mike says:

    Hi Wayne,

    thank you for the Sliding Door WP them.
    Im using it on
    i was wondering it if you could please feature it on this site:
    with a link back the

    Thank you ,
    and take care!

  61. Debi says:

    Hey Wayne
    I adore this theme. I’m new to WordPress. I wanted to add a left scrollbar so I could add more pages and allow viewers to slide down the left menu hover/picture sidebar. Could you tell me how to do that?

  62. Karla says:

    I too am asking the same question as Wesley – about the Picture Perfect template. How can I change the pictures to the “page” links on the left to mine instead of yours? Also, is there a way that I can change the background colour? I would like to upload a paper design. Great template BTW and thanks for sharing 🙂

  63. Diane says:


    I love the Sliding Door template but can you tell me how to disable comments on my PAGES only?

    I’m using it as part of a project that has to be completed by March 16, 2011. Your help before then would be lovely! Thanks in advance!!!


  64. Diane says:


    Thought I’d attempt to answer your question about changing the pictures on the left side of your wife’s blog. Check out Wayne’s blog at >< for more details.

    If you'd like to change those images, you need to use an FTP program to upload your wife's new jpgs to override the existing ones in the wp-content/themes/picture-perfect/imagemenu/images directory.

    The new images MUST be the same name, and 240X300 pixels in size or it won't work. The names are easy…1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg etc. Make sure she names them in the order she expects them to display.



  65. wayne says:

    Yes you can change the pictures – check out where it explains how.

  66. Hello, I am Adeleke Ademola, am new to internet and i need to build a website but needs help from someone like you. On my website I used one of your Theme but I still have one or two problem,so I decided to used exact sample of one of your website.
    Furthermore,I will like to get the exact code used on your website ( with two sidebar and menu below the pictures which leads to dropdown of sub-menu. You can help me by trying to visit my website ( to glance through and check what is wrong with the website. I visited the forum but nothing is clear to me based on what I need.
    I will be glad if my request is being granted as soon as possible. Thank you.
    NOTE: These are the list of what i want from the theme:
    1. Menu below the pictures at the top.
    2. Sub-menu shows as dropdown.
    3. Two sidebar,one at right and the other at left.
    4. Footer that can show links to the menu.
    5. Logo of my company at the either left corner top or right corner top.
    6. WP-CUMULUS plugin can work.

  67. Larry says:


    I just did the upgrade for sliding doors and my site is a mess. The doors no longer link to the pages I had built for them. My categories are gone!

    Please, if there is a way to do so, the old version was better. I don’t even know where to begin to restore the great look I had going before the update.

  68. Mickey Carter says:


    I’m a youth pastor that is trying to download your Family Feud game for Keynote from your Mac How To Website. The Link doesn’t seem to work. Is there anyway you could possibly email me the link for that download? I would really appreciate it!

    Mickey Carter
    Youth Pastor

  69. Adam says:

    Hi Wayne

    I am using your Sliding Doors theme for my blog – it is fantastic, thank you.

    I would like to add pages with content but not have them appear in the left side bar menu. Is that possible?

    For example I am writing a review of an exhibition and as there is substantial content, I am doing this as a page rather than as a post. I then alert my students to the review via a post (and therefore Twitter). However, I don’t want my pages list to become extravagant!

    In an ideal world I would be able to create and publish pages that don’t appear in the pages list but are still ‘active’ – they mirror the main site and all menu links work and update.

    I have tried to think of a work around but was hoping you may have the answer to hand.

    Hope Dubbo is treating you well.


  70. I would like to implement a sliding image menu like in your sliding door theme. I have used your theme for my personal site for 3-4 years and love it! I have a gaming site I am working on and would like to add the imagemenu to my theme. if the elements are easy to add I would love to learn a little more thanks so much for continuing to make the theme great!

  71. Tasha says:

    hello. I used picture perfect for my blog and I loved it..recently it got hacked and I had to change the theme. I deleted it and when I went to re-install it, it would not allow me to. I kept getting forwarded to the following url: Please assist. I absolutely HEART this theme!

  72. I have been setting up a new blog at . I am realizing now that all those fancy sliding door images i set up as featured images on each of the 7 pages are simply links back to a static page in each instance. sure, i can see the little “categories” link on each page but i don’t want that to be the only way to see all similar posts of a category. I am realizing that I can only have (1) one post page regardless. The reason I think this is Settings>Reading first parameter is front page displays A. new posts B. static, and only by choosing static can i access the drop down menu where i can choose only one post page at a time. if i switch, then my latest post switches too. My wish is that the code could be changed so that I could simply choose which of the (7) pages I created any particular new post got sent to each time. In other words, I would like to have (7) choices in a drop down menu for example – somewhere where I could say “ok for all entries tagged “Brown page” on the edit page (as opposed to categories) send those posts to “brown” page immediately upon hitting the “publish” post..choose “black” and again..a preset in settings telling that new post to go to the “black” page based on me “tagging” it “black” just before hitting publish. as i understand it now, all the posts go to one post page and one post page only (regardless of category)..sure, they can all be found by going to the “brown” or “black” category link but that defeats the purpose of having a fancy sliding navigation bar…i want to be able to click on one of my images and it take me to all the blog posts relating to “brown” this possible? Am I missing something? Did I set it up all wrong…trust me i’ve racked my brains..i even thought “tricking” it would work good enough, you know, by switching settings>reading>post page each time i wanted to post a new article..all that does is switch my latest article to the new choice..not what i want to happen. how about a choice for “next article” or on the fly editing with the click of a button send this post to x page..send this post to y page because settings>reading allows for 7 different post pages and the way it knows which page a post goes to is at the moment i write it i tag it this possible? maybe i just don’t understand how to do this..thank you for your time and attention…i hope i have thoroughly explained what i am experiencing so you can better diagnose any possible thing i am missing in setup or possible update solutions to reinstall a new version with changes added. God bless! edward forrest

  73. Katrina says:

    Hello and thank you so much for creating the Sliding Doors theme for WordPress! I’m just having a problem with one thing….the blog title… I can’t seem to make it disappear…I’ve tried the coding “display:none” but it makes mt logo disappear! If I take out the title altogether….the sliding doors covers my logo!

    If you get a chance check out my website at and look at the top….

    Appreciating any time you can spare to help to finish off my website ,and get rid of the ugly white blog title that’s making my logo/banner look ugly…… Would be greatly appreciated!!!!


  74. Chaitanya says:

    hey Wayne, this about the sliding door plugin..i want you to take some time and answer these threads please..

  75. Robson says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I’ve seen your “Macintosh How To” website and like it’s theme.
    Would you mind on sharing it? (I couldn’t find it anywhere!)
    I’d apreciate if you could do so!
    Thanks in advance!

  76. peter fox says:

    hi Wayne
    I live in Sydney and would like to talk to you further about your wordpress theme. Could you contact me please

  77. Hi Wayne,
    We are currently using sliding door 1.7.2 and work like to update to 2.6.1. I have reload a new laptop with the current wordpress and attempted to just load the old database,which is about 3 yrs old, and it loads without all the links. Can you tell me the proper steps to get the website reloaded on my laptop.
    Thanks for any help provided.


  78. Jim McClain says:

    I am trying to register an account at your WordPress themes support site. I got to the part where it says to email for a code and one would be instantly emailed. If that means about as long as it takes to make instant coffee, something’s terribly wrong. If it means about as long as it took God to finally make woman, then never mind. I guess I have a few more days to wait.


  79. hi wayne,
    I just built this site using 1.3.3 Picture Perfect theme by Wayne Connor. I really like this theme. I found the constraints on this theme! at the time of my larger mobile phone is displayed, the image menu cover my post when I scroll right laterally!

    wayne how its settings please help me …

    continue to create beautiful virtual world wayne ..;)
    thks a lot

  80. Jessica says:

    Hello Wayne! Your sliding door theme is really great I love love love the slider feature.
    I was wondering if I’m able to change the templates black color to a lighter color? I changed the
    Background but that hides behind the black layer.
    It’s a little too dark! And also once I changed the slider photos and menu,
    I lost the label on the slider pictures. How can I get the page labels on the slider photos back?

    Thank you so much!!

  81. Luis says:

    Hi Wayne! I really like your site, it’s awesome, and really helpfull.
    I was wondering if you would mind giving me some advice about the SSD drive post. I complete all the steps but at the time I want to delete al the files (except the user’s one) from the all HDD I can not do it because the are “system files used by the OS”. I would be very greatfull if you could help me.

    Thanks a lot for your work!!

  82. Luis says:

    Yes, I have done everything! Currently I am running on the new SSD, with the user from the HDD, but what I want to do is to delete the application and system files from the HDD to have more space.
    Another issues that I just discovered in the last minutes is that the folder Applications on the Side Bar is by default the old one (the one on the HDD), and I can not find the way to change the default folder by the new one (the one on the SSD).

    I really appreciate your quick answer!

  83. Doug Roberts says:

    hey Wayne. Don’t know if you remember me from when we were kids. I couldn’t find you or Glen of facebook but found you here. email me if you get a chance..

  84. Hello wayne,
    I am using your picture perfect theme for my site which i love and it best suits my site. i have one question on the left side menus a few of them have white text on a white back ground which makes it really hard to see is there a way i can change this?

  85. Allen says:

    Fan of theslidingdoor WP theme. Also viewed the bluewheat you did for the church page. Would like to see what pictureperfect looked like. If you would email me the themes I would greatly appreciate it as I am putting together a few sites for Boy Scouts here in Florida.

  86. Dianne says:

    Hi Wayne,

    I love the Sliding Door theme. You can see it in use at my website: Gorgeous theme with so many options.

    My problem: When i want to add a new post or new page now, the only thing you see is the Media box. The Visual/Text box is gone so you can’t add anything except in the HTML look and feel. Everything in the other box such as bold, italic, linking, etc. etc. is all gone. There is no more box.

    So sorry to both you with this but as someone who is constantly adding content and pages to the site this has become extremely bad. I don’t want to go to another theme but I have tried opening the site to see if it was any different in Firefox, Chrome and IE on the PC and Safari and Firefox on the MAC.

    The latest version of WP is 3.6. Do you think they could have done something within the new version that would be causing this? Are you going to have any update soon or is there an update already?

    Thanks so much.

    Is there an update to this theme? I am now using WP

  87. despina mina says:

    hi,I am trying to activate an account at,but the activation mail not arrives

  88. Carolyn says:

    Hello Wayne, Hope you are still there. In the picture perfect them I uploaded a painting and the words categories, pages, etc and my menu names, duplicated, appear on the header picture. Also, search tis website box right in the middle. How can I remove these words. Thanks so much.

  89. Wendy says:

    Hi Wayne,
    Try to mail to, but can’t find the contact mail address.

  90. ctb1001 says:

    hey wayne! left a message for you on the SSD mac page and have received no reply? any ideas?

  91. Bob says:

    Hi Wayne. Enjoyed building a site from your theme. Could you tell me how to widen the text area of the site. I tried to add ads from ad sense but they are chopped. Just retired and helping son who needs activities from home. Thanks much.

  92. Andres says:

    Hi, Wayne, are you interested in writing a guide of the iTunes DRM removal software: TunesKit DRM Media Converter on Please let me know if you are interested. We are open to any discussions. It would be great if you can provide me your price list.

    TunesKit is a leading multimedia software company developing and marketing iTunes DRM removal applications.

  93. Roger says:

    Hello Wayne,
    I’m french and i have installed your theme Sliding Door btu this don’t work currectly.
    I have this message :
    Strict standards: Declaration of My_Walker::end_el() should be compatible with Walker::end_el(&$output, $object, $depth = 0, $args = Array) in C:\wamp\www\Hochain\wordpress\wp-content\themes\sliding-door\functions.php on line 294
    Can you help me please ?
    Thank you,
    See you soon,

  94. Rhett says:

    Hey Wayne,

    I wanted to comment about how our product extends upon the “how to” you wrote here:
    but did not want to clog your post up with self-promotion. Maybe we can work on a blog post together around streaming or iTunes?

  95. François Labbé says:

    I am looking all over to find your article talking about Health impact of rf radiations. Can you post a link or email it to me. Thanks

  96. John says:

    Hi, I want to make your excellent sliding door header responsive – thought I could do that by making the link width measurements into percentages on the stylesheet but that broke the javascript, I think. Is there a way to do this without taking a long course in javascript?

  97. Wayne, I was using your glorious WP Picture Perfect theme here:

    I loved it, until 60% of our traffic start coming from cellphones. Do you have any planes to make this theme responsive?

    Or maybe a plugin of your choice?

    Thank you!


  98. Scott Matthews says:

    I thought you would like to know you misspelled the word “seperate” on your website. Silly mistakes are a pet peeve of mine, and they can ruin your website credibility. In the past, I have used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Mathews Sr

  99. says:

    I really like your writing style, fantastic info,
    thank you for putting up :D.

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