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I just took a roadtrip to Sydney to see Stryper – they were awesome. I took with me 12 hours of talks from The Total Church North America Conference 2008. They were very good – challenged me about a lot of things – but also these guys were talking about what I have been thinking about myself lately.

Have any of you guys come across the ‘Total Church’ stuff before?
Steve Timmis talks about what Church looks like apart from a Sunday.
Does Church cease to exist after we stop meeting?
What does it mean to ‘be church’ during the week?
Lot’s of good stuff about community and relating to each other.

This talk on rethinking attractional Church was good. The Q&A times are worth listening to too.

I have just ordered ‘TOTAL CHURCH’ to read. Is anyone interested in reading it together and discussing it on Pastor 2 Pastor?


  1. Who is Stryper?

    I heard Timmis at the KCC Pastor’s Conf last week and found him very thought provoking. He helped me engage in thinking about God’s church at Epping.

    I’m keen to read TOTAL CHURCH and chat about it – count me in.


  2. Hi Guys

    I read Total Church about 2 years ago now and it’s been shaping my thinking ever since. It’s powerful stuff. We had Steve Timmis up here last week for a day with the presbytery (and a few other hangers-on) and did a lot of Q&A with him. It was pretty exciting.

    I’d love to chat more with you guys because I think this is important stuff.


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