Wayne on September 2, 2016

Welcome to my website. Everything that isn’t on one of my other sites ends up here. Click on a heading above that interests you. (Eg Family, Computers etc.)

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Wayne on August 8, 2015

I just found this  painting I did 3 months after my Dad died. Death’s no friend whatever mask it wears. It breaks our fragile worlds apart and in the hearts of each of us plants grief and fear. (a poem by Bruce Smith.) I recently preached from John 11 where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. The chapter […]

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Wayne on June 23, 2009

Just found this photo of when we replaced the engine in the falcon. We were working late into the night with torches because the crane had to be back to the hire place the next day.

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Wayne on November 11, 2008

At School Wayne was destined for a bright future. Here he is proudly wearing his School Council badge in his Yr 12 School Photo.

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Wayne on January 28, 2007

Well, the great BBQ challenge finals were last week. Earle and I entered. Here’s a photo of us at the auditions. We didnt’ even make it into round 1, despite our obvious wit and talent. I still maintain it was because we were too good – it would have made it too hard for the […]

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Wayne on January 11, 2007

I kid you not, Jill’s parent sent us this picture they took on Holidays in Canada.

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Wayne on November 28, 2006

And my buddy Mike in the phone booth in the background!

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Wayne on November 20, 2006

Went to see Billy Joel at the Acer Arena on 17th November, 2006. Musically it was great, lots of energy, and we had good seats right up close, but it was quite sad to see what a shell of a man Billy Joel was, or at least he was that night. He ran straight through […]

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Wayne on July 20, 2006

Went to Colorado for a week with Larry Crabb to learn about working through life issues with people to help them know God more. It was the New Life Ministries School of Spiritual Direction. A great week. Mike and I with Larry Crabb San Francisco Dave and Paul – two mates we made in the […]

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Wayne on August 8, 2005

Today I preached from John 11 where Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. The chapter talked a lot about the emotions associated with death. It reminded me of a photo of a painting I did 3 months after my Dad died. Here is the photo of the painting. It is quite dark. Death’s no friend […]

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Wayne on December 11, 2004

Not really a recipe, but here’s my first go at cake decorating. It was for the 50th wedding anniversary of Ron and Judith Taylor, a couple from our church. The native flannel flowers and kangaroo paw are from our garden.

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