Wayne on June 2, 2010

We are heading home tomorrow. It’s our last night at Talua, we’ve been here 4 weeks. My first emotion that I am aware of as I write is dissapointment. Dissapointment at not getting more done, dissapointment about all the things here unfinished. I guess that’s the lesson of Gen 3 and Ecclesiastes. It’s been a […]

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Wayne on May 31, 2010

Was contemplating visiting Tanna on the way home to see a volcano, then read this… Posted at 05:28 on 31 May, 2010 UTC Scientists are warning airlines and tourists of the danger of ash and volcanic rocks erupting from Mt Yasur on Vanuatu’s Tanna island. Wellington’s Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre has reported an ash cloud […]

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Wayne on May 28, 2010

An earthquake last night! The whole ground shaking rapidly for about 15 seconds then a big swaying from side to side! 7.2 on the rickter scale and 25km deep and 100km away. (not sure how to spell ricta!)

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Wayne on May 23, 2010

We went to a little village church today. It was very encouraging. It was run by students from Talua college who were full of enthusiasm and passion for Jesus. People were listening intently to Dean’s sermon, and although I couldn’t understand most of it (it was in Bislama) I was reading Glen’s sermon notes as […]

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Wayne on May 19, 2010

Each day has a bit of a routine to it. Up for breakfast at 6:30. Devotions in Bislama at 7:00am. Work till Morning tea at 10. Work till lunch at 12:30. Afternoon break then join in with local activities in the afternoon. Yesterday some of us went to choir. Today there’s gardening and a Kid’s […]

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Wayne on May 19, 2010

Today we farewell Nancy and Cathy. It was quite sad as it has been a close week together. See you back in Dubbo!

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Wayne on May 18, 2010

What we’ve been up to… Waterproofing the library.

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Wayne on May 14, 2010

Vanautu is great! We do work in the mornings and sometimes in the Afternoons. It is quite muggy and Hot up here as well. Cameron The attitude and just the way that the Nivanuatu people go about their daily stuff is an encouragent in itself. Joyce, one of the single ladies at the college is […]

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Wayne on May 12, 2010

Cameron off to Church!

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Wayne on May 12, 2010

Warming up with some games. Singing

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Wayne on May 11, 2010

Building has started! look at how much we’ve done already. Matthew, Dan Greg and Barry working hard. Have to go, generator shuts down in 7 minutes…more news later.

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Wayne on May 9, 2010

Some bisalma that we are learning. Wanem sport yu likem tumas? Wanem nambawan sport blong you? From wanem you likem? Nadafella You save play stringband? You stup lo island? You travel lo wanem? You got horse lo island blong you? You sitdown finis lo horse? Olsen wanem long study blong you? Olsen wanem long xxx […]

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Wayne on May 9, 2010

Well we’ve been at Talua for 3 days but it feels like a week! It’s very different here. Hot, sweaty and tiring! People are friendly and life is relaxed.  Great to catch up with Dean again who was at DPC in 2009.  A welcome banquet for us last night with all manner of strange foods, […]

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Wayne on May 7, 2010

View Larger Map Barry and Lyn have ended up on the wrong island. (Who was that travel agent?) They were meant to be going from Port Vila ( down the bottom) to Luganville (up the top) but ended up at Malekula at a tiny tin shed!

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Wayne on May 7, 2010

Nancy was surprised that there are Twisties in Vanuatu – even at a bush shop.

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Wayne on May 7, 2010

All aboard… the advance party heading off to Vanuatu. (Connors, Bennets, McKays and Dylan our photographer with his new duty free camera).

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