Wayne on September 30, 2012


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Wayne on April 12, 2012

Paper from Queensland comparing emissions from various brands of laser printers

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Wayne on October 10, 2011

This is awesome! This camera- you focus it AFTER you take the photo! So below is the SAME photo – refocused!!! Technology always surprises me.

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Wayne on April 25, 2011

A reminder for me on how to remove a page from google cache results:

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Wayne on June 17, 2010

This youtube video displays incredible technology  in the form of a walking robot.

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Wayne on April 17, 2010

A youtube video of a helicopter drone with camera, controllable via tilting your iphone, camera video is transmitted back to the iphone!

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Wayne on February 4, 2009

Today our solar panel array was connected. So far it has generated 1.72kWhr of electricity, saving 1.8kg of Carbon Dioxide emmissions! It’s a 1kW BP Solar Array.

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