Keeping fresh

1. Find fresh spiritual disciplines. A conference in California has the theme ‘One Hundred Ways to Pray’. Well, find about three or four, and ’shut the door’ as Jesus said (i.e. put in a telephone answering-machine), and learn the art of relaxing, contemplative prayer. Then, as the New Testament suggests,

Dictating a talk.

I use Dragon Dictate on my Mac to dictate all my Bible talks. There’s a few things I like about it: Seeing as I’m going to be speaking a talk, there’s something more natural about speaking it as I write rather than typing it. I’m a slow typer so it’s

How do your notes shape your talk?

This blog article by Josh Harris  got me thinking about the notes I preach from. So I collated the manuscripts of some of the preachers I like listening to to see what they use. (Thanks to Bryson, Steve, Mike and Craig and Al for providing their notes!)

Interesting Bible Study

Last week in our men’s group,  in preparation for our Bible talk by Jim Ramsey on the prodigal son,  I did this bible study from Luke 15 which I wrote just beforehand. What’s unusual about it is that it has 15 questions,  and rather than go through them one by one I