Sponsor child

Last week while in Bangladesh I was able to visit the family of our Compassion Sponsor Child, Mithun. We have been supporting Mithun for about 3 years and it was great to be able to visit him and his family. Here is the family inside their house. From the left,

Wandilagong hedge maze

We spent hours in the Wandilagong hedge maze in Victoria near Bright. The boys went through it 3 times. If you don’t cheat and use the emergency exit doors, it quite difficult to get out!


We made a rocket out of Ben’s science book. A cork on the bottom of a soft drink bottle and pump it up with an air compressor… You can see the action movie here.

Ben and Dad to Sydney

Ben and Wayne had a 3 day trip to Sydney. We flew down and stayed with the Williams’ family in Stanmore. We had a great time. We caught the Ferry to Taronga Zoo, the monorail to the Powerhouse museum and walked to Paddy’s Markets. At Paddy’s Markets we brought 25


We now have three 10 day old ducklings, which hopefully will give us eggs by easter. They are already eating out of our hands after 2 days. Here is a picture of them going for a swim in our wheelbarrow.

Family Photo

We went to the Zoo today – here’s some pictures from our HP Photosmart 320 which we found on clearance today at Officeworks for $99.