WordPress theme

  WordPress is a blogging platform. I wrote a theme for it called Slidingdoor which I use on dubbo.org and currently it’s the  most popular theme on the WordPress theme home page. It’s been averaging about  9000 downloads a week. It probably won’t stay there long so I’ve taken a screenshot!

Sliding Door

Some nice sites that use my sliding door theme http://www.protocolsnow.com http://www.feuerartistik.com/ http://www.OliverAlert.com/

My WordPress theme

I designed a wordpress theme for my Dubbo site, but decided not to use it in the end, so I have put it on wordpress.org for other people to use. It’s called Sliding Door. It’s slowly making it’s way up the ‘Most Popular’ list, it’s currently number 13 9. See

Joomla for Dummies

This is cool! See if you can recognise any names here… The template I made for our church website, has made it into the German Joomla for dummies CD! You can see it here.

Google payment

30th September 2006 – my first google payment. US$117 not bad. That was pretty easy. I put some google adds on dubbo.org and it’s earning about US$10-15 per month. That should pay for all my web hosting. I’m a real computer nerd now.