I would like to have everything about my life in one place, but it seems people are interested in different bits. So I’ve ended up with all sorts of sites everywhere!

I’ve run a blog about macintosh stuff at macintoshhowto.com

Anything about our family is at 7.barracks.cl

I have a blog and discussions about life as a pastor at pastor2pastor.org.au

Then there’s dubbo.org which is a tourist site about Dubbo.

I designed our church website using joomla and shared the template for it, which eventually ended up in the german edition of Joomla for Dummies!

I have written some wordpress themes called slidingdoor and picture perfect and they have a support site here. There’s two nice reviews of it here and here.

This site is for everything else, stuff I want to remember and perhaps come back to later, stuff I want to share, websites I like, ideas and so on.


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  1. Hello,

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  2. Wayne –

    First, I love the Sliding Door theme. I’m working with it right now for a little project I’m doing and absolutely love the look. Great job!

    Second, if you happen to run across my little sis (Colleen) or her husband (Jonathan) tell them I said hi if you would, please. 🙂 I just pinged Colleen asking if she knew you since she lives in Dubbo and goes to a Presbyterian church there and she said she might know you. 🙂

  3. Wayne says:

    My it is a small works! Said hi to Colleen – and met your folks at Christmas to boot! Glad the theme was useful and thanks for the note. Wayne

  4. Gérald says:

    Hi Wayne,
    I used and slightly modified your Sliding Door theme for my personnal.
    It’s not very “clean” (used position: fixed for sidebar, etc…) but it’s, by the way, a modification of your theme.
    Do you want the source ?


  5. Mike says:

    Hi Wayne
    We’re new to WordPress, we love your theme. We have start working on our site but realised we can’t remove the comments and some sidebar stuff. Are we able to get the code for just the sliding door menu from you directly?

    thanks Mike

  6. NiavlyS says:

    Thanks you for share your wordpress theme…
    I have a question for sliding door… Is it possible to place picture in header ? I would like replace title by my logo (PNG).
    I don’t found how make this…
    Thank you very much and sorry for my poor English (i’m French)

  7. tracey pooh says:

    hi wayne! i’ve *loved* your “sliding doors” theme for years and have used in on my website.

    recently when the “is your website mobile friendly?” google thing came out of nowhere, i scrambled to get the website responsive. i actually found WP “Twenty Fifteen” theme quite good (and saved me from hand-crafting bootstrap or otherwise frameworks, phew!)

    however that knocked out *your* theme — which of course I really really wanted.

    So! check this out — it’s a simple plugin instead of theme idea (which I’m using on my site). I took your setup and switched it from mootools to the more std jQuery, minimized the JS needs, and moved the rest to responsive CSS. Whatcha think? feel free to poach/incorporate to anything you’re up to next.


    And thanks for all these years for the free theme that I literally have called “home”. 😎

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