Wayne on November 20, 2010

I saw ‘The Social’ Network’ yesterday. A good but very depressing movie. A modern day chapter of Ecclesiastes just without the happy ending. The last scene with Mark Zuckerberg sitting on facebook, friendless, hitting refresh hoping his old girlfriend might accept his friend request was especially tragic. I couldn’t help coming home and watching a […]

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There is a problem with the workcover Fireworks single use form, FE03. The bar code is the pdf if blurry so that no matter what printer you print it on, it won’t scan at the post office. I just thought it would be good to have a record of this on the Internet so that […]

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Wayne on November 2, 2010

A good post about if your wordpress admin page goes blank: http://www.ivankristianto.com/internet/blogging/tips-fix-wordpress-error-blank-page/1177/

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