Wayne on September 22, 2010

I use Dragon Dictate on my Mac to dictate all my Bible talks. There’s a few things I like about it: Seeing as I’m going to be speaking a talk, there’s something more natural about speaking it as I write rather than typing it. I’m a slow typer so it’s a lot faster. I have […]

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Wayne on September 21, 2010

I think a question I’ve have been good at asking is what does it mean to be a Christian during the week? Maybe the question I haven’t been asking is, ‘What does it mean to be church during the week?’

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Wayne on September 20, 2010

I’ve just been reading the Core Values of Crowded House… 1. The priority of the gospel 2. Mission through community 3. Home as the primary location of church 4. Sharing our lives as extended family 5. Inclusive communities 6. Working for city renewal 7. Growing by starting churches and church planting networks 8. Prayer as […]

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Wayne on September 11, 2010

Got to love this article about a man who nearly killed himself trying to rescue his wheelie bin.

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