Wayne on February 26, 2007

Last week while in Bangladesh I was able to visit the family of our Compassion Sponsor Child, Mithun. We have been supporting Mithun for about 3 years and it was great to be able to visit him and his family. Here is the family inside their house. From the left, Mithun’s dad, grandfather, brothers, grandmother, […]

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Wayne on February 26, 2007

Well I am back in Australia after spending 2 weeks in Bangladesh, but Chris my travel companion remains in Bangladesh for 2 more weeks. It was almost impossible to get reliable internet in Bangladesh where we were, so I could send out the odd email, but posting to the blog didn’t work. Sorry about that. […]

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Wayne on February 25, 2007

My notes on Bengali language. QUESTIONS ko-con = WHEN? kyanow = WHY? kon = WHICH? ki = WHAT? koo-thie = WHERE? kare-mon = HOW? Questions with upnee (YOU) upnee kemon assen HOW ARE YOU? upnee koo-thie tuken? WHERE DO YOU LIVE? upnee koo-thie jutzen? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? upnee ki-koren? WHAT DO YOU D0? upnee […]

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Wayne on February 9, 2007

Hi, we are at Singapore airport. Did a short tour of Singapore. It’s the worst of our materialistic west that the Singapore people seem to be striving for as a noble goal. Not that there is anything wrong with building a nice city, it’s just that they think this is what will make them the […]

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Wayne on February 9, 2007

Ralph was a bit nervous on his first day of School, but School turned out to be great fun!

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Wayne on February 6, 2007

So this is what a VISA looks like. Here it is, the little piece of paper I was waiting for to let me into Bangladesh. I am heading off tomorrow. I’ll be in Gazipur for 1 week at a bible school, then traveling around the country for a week meeting people, then finally I’ll be […]

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